Tools & approaches for managing risk, uncertainty & disruption

Tools & approaches for managing risk, uncertainty & disruption

Chris Paton
27th January
10:00 - 12:00
Invitation Only

Looking forward to hosting another great talk. Our first online talk of 2022 will be run by Chris Paton who I have seen speak at a few CEO leadership conferences now.

With organisations in every sector dealing with the impact of change; from changes in working practices to the shortage of talent, Chris is the perfect speaker to look at how leaders can better handle risk and disruption.

Having spent 18 years at the UK Ministry of Defence, working as the Director of Afghanistan Strategy and Plans - Chris will bring a fresh and unique approach to leadership content.


About the event

Speaker With extensive experience in commercial and military life, Chris will be discussing the key aspects behind disruption and how to address it; from examining factors that cause strategies to fail, to conducting wargames and gamification techniques which identify risks, to the organisational culture needed in a disrupted world and how leaders best adapt their own style to increase organisational agility. Specialising in human factors, strategy and gamification, Chris works around the world delivering talks & programmes across many sectors, for organisations such as Dubai Expo 2020, Ford, Lloyd’s, Mercedes, Drax and Govia Thameslink as well as SMEs. His practical and commercially focused approach, sown with tales from military conflict and commercial experiences, provides leaders with a range of tools, tips and techniques on managing uncertainty and achieving success in spite of the challenges.