Our Approach

Our approach to bespoke software development uses the agile methodology, as used by some of the world’s leading organisations including Google and Microsoft. Based on two engagement models, we endeavour to find a project management process that best suits your project and business set up to deliver the most value.

After Care


We offer an end-to-end service, building your software and then delivering a performant, scalable and secure hosting environment, so that your system consistently works to its maximum performance.


We deliver support agreements that are tailored to your unique requirements, making sure that your software application remains scalable and future-proof, in line with your business' current and future needs.

Our Agile Process

Our iterative approach follows the Scrum Agile methodology, focusing on communication and collaboration and giving the flexibility to adapt to emerging business realities.

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Product Features

Your application is a bespoke product with features aligned to your unique requirements. By breaking down the product into these smaller features, we're able to keep focus on delivering what's really required, tackle the highest priorities first and therefore deliver value earlier than traditional methods.


Our iterative approach follows the Scrum Agile methodology. These iterations, known as Sprints, are most commonly 2 weeks long. By doing short iterations, the workload for each is manageable with short and achievable development goals, keeping productivity high throughout the project.

Demo, Retrospective, Planning

Each Sprint begins with a planning meeting, to elaborate on the requirements for the features being developed in the Sprint and to ensure an achievable workload is planned. Each Sprint ends with a demonstration of the features delivered from the Sprint, kick-starting the feedback loop, and a retrospective, to review how the Sprint went such that the process can be refined for the next Sprint.

Stand Ups

The development team meet daily to review the previous day's work and to ensure everyone has a goal for the day ahead. Any blockers to the development process are identified such that they can be removed at the earliest opportunity.

Product Increment

The product evolves each Sprint as new features are added and each Sprint should result in a stable, releasable version of the application. This Product Increment can then be deployed to a user testing environment for feedback or to a live environment for immediate value.

Product Release

A Product Release can be scheduled early in the project, after any number of Product Increments, once it's identified that value to the end user can be realised. Subsequent releases with new features can then be deployed at regular intervals, either by consolidating the development of several Increments into a new Product Release or even each Product Increment itself.

Hear from our clients
George Thomson Story Homes

They are a key business partner because of their high-quality work and its impact on our business. Our organisation believes that quality is key, and we’ve found that Audacia buys 100% into that. They always try to meet our requirements, no matter how challenging.

George Thomson, Story Homes
Jamie Wrenn Parkdean Resorts

Audacia have rapidly established themselves as a key partner within our Digital Engineering Function, providing much needed expertise and capability to enable our Test Engineering service to exceed expectations. Each and every person who has joined our teams from Audacia have totally immersed themselves, continually collaborating, driving innovation and earning the trust of all the other team members. On top, they are some of the most genuine and nicest people you could possibly wish to work with!

Jamie Wrenn, Parkdean Resorts
Rich Kenny Techbuyer

There’s no question they were the best choice to work with. One of our key factors was availability. Since we moved to them, the site has had zero downtime. In the last month, we haven’t had even a second of unplanned maintenance. That’s exactly the reliability and sustainability we wanted.

Rich Kenny, Techbuyer
Sarah Thorp The National Institute of Health Research (NIHR)

From start to finish the working relationship between Audacia’s team and ours was productive from the iterative development approach, meaning we worked in shorter time frames but increased levels of communication to ensure all updates were reviewed quicker. Audacia’s end platform delivered on all aspects.

Sarah Thorp, The National Institute of Health Research (NIHR)
Simon Lennon ADM

Audacia created a commodities trading platform that meets our immediate needs today and has the capability to scale in line with our future business plans. We continue to work collaboratively together to further optimise a number of business functions through automation.

Simon Lennon, ADM
Steve Evans Specialist Marine Consultants (SMC)

We identified that updating our legacy systems was business critical, and set out to find a technology partner with the perfect experience in building integrated software systems for complex projects. Audacia understands our business and our sector and provides us with a reliable and innovative technology partnership.

Steve Evans, Specialist Marine Consultants (SMC)
Stuart Welsh AESSEAL

Our ability to respond to customer enquiries and requests for technical information is massively increased. Not only is it much more timely, the effort required internally is significantly reduced. We have always been good at it, but this software allows us to be absolutely excellent at it.

Stuart Welsh, AESSEAL
Telefónica O2

As always, working with Audacia has been very easy. This was a major project for all involved. The result was very well received, it improved processes and made the whole ticketing process much simpler. Audacia always deliver and have become one of our most trusted bespoke software development suppliers.

Telefónica, O2
Tom Broadbent AESSEAL plc

The way that we work is that we are subject matter experts, we know our business, we know our customers, we can then have that conversation with the team at Audacia. It is very much a collaborative 2 way process and the level of communication is just fantastic.

Tom Broadbent, AESSEAL plc

How are projects initialized?

Each software development project is different & our approach depends on the project management style that best fits your needs.

Typically, our team works with you to gain a detailed understanding of your current business processes. We then capture and challenge requirements based on one or more analysis workshop(s).

From here, for an Agile software development project, we break the development down into modular releases & agree a high-level project plan for delivery. Working within the agreed time & cost boundaries for each release, our team continuously engages with you to refine requirements, demonstrate new functionality & gather feedback.

How do I monitor project progress?

Our software development process is transparent. You can use our online project management tool to:

  • Review work scheduled to be completed (at all times)
  • Track progress of performance against development plans (at all times)
  • Provide feedback (at all times)
  • Sign off specific areas of functionality (as appropriate)

How are projects delivered?

Projects are delivered either as web-based, mobile or desktop applications.

During development we continuously release versions of the system, each with incremental changes, for you to test and provide feedback. For web-based projects we then host live, test and training versions of the software. All supporting documentation & software source code is also delivered as part of the project handover.

Specialist Marine Consultants (SMC)
Specialist Marine Consultants (SMC)
A platform to manage people across the biggest offshore windfarms in the world
Specialist Marine Consultants (SMC) are a global leader in offshore solutions. SMC work with the biggest global companies involved in oil and gas exploration and offshore renewable energy, having deployed their skilled HSEQ Advisors on international marine projects across every continent and ocean.
ADM Agriculture
ADM Agriculture
A commodities trading platform to support £3.5bn contracts and services each year
ADM Agriculture is a UK subsidiary of ADM, one of the world’s largest agricultural processors and food ingredient providers, with more than 31,000 employees, serving customers in 170+ countries.
Managing end-to-end ticketing processes
O2 is the commercial brand of Telefónica UK Limited and is a leading digital communications company with the highest customer satisfaction for any mobile provider. With over 25 million customers, O2 runs 2G, 3G and 4G networks across the UK, as well as operating O2 Wifi and owning half of Tesco Mobile.