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Partnering with leading organisations to deliver scalable and robust mission-critical software solutions.

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We’re trusted to develop large-scale, complex software solutions for some of the world’s largest organisations.

From business-critical applications for a global manufacturer, commodities trading platforms for one of the world’s largest agricultural organisations, systems to support millions of pupils across UK schools and platforms to manage finances for the nation's largest funder of health and care research.

We have established a reputation as a critical software development partner with long-standing relationships. Helping organisations across industries to automate, streamline and simplify their processes by delivering intuitive and scalable solutions.

Delivering end-to-end software development, from discovery, design and development, to QA testing and support.

We begin software development projects with initial analysis sessions to scope out your requirements. These early stages are an opportunity for us to get a detailed understanding of your business processes, operations and the people that make them happen.

We'll work in collaboration with you to design, build and test a software platform that is tailored to your business’s specific needs. Leveraging an agile approach to development, based on two-week sprints for rapid feedback loops, you'll be provided with the visibility and flexibility required to ensure end products are user-driven and fit-for-purpose.

We dedicate a high level of support from the outset of software development projects, with considerations for data migration, communication, training strategies, documentation, hosting and deployment. In platforms that are supported by Audacia, we ensure support members join key project events throughout development to ensure knowledge transfer into production support.

£3.1 billion

Commodity contracts and services supported for one of the world's largest agricultural organisations

£317 million

Funding allocation managed each year for the nation’s largest funder of health and care research

2.5 million

Pupils tracked across 12,000 UK wide schools

£170 million

Annual sales supported through a knowledge management platform for a global manufacturer

Supporting organisations at every stage of their digital transformation journeys

From redeveloping legacy platforms, to delivering new products and services or augmenting internal software development and QA teams.

Legacy Modernisation

Upgrading, evolving or replacing systems that are no longer fit for purpose.

Product Development

Building user focused products and new services offerings, integrated with existing systems.

Team Augmentation

Extending internal development and QA teams to deliver projects at speed and scale.

Using industry standard tools and technologies

From .NET, C# and Java, to Angular, React and Vue, we use the latest, industry-standard technologies to deliver systems that are performant, scalable and secure.

Delivering software development projects for organisations across industries

From agriculture, financial services and renewables, to construction, rail and healthcare.

Manufacturing Construction Energy Healthcare
AESSEAL - Knowledge Management
A knowledge management platform to support £170m in sales per year

AESSEAL is the fourth largest mechanical seal manufacturer in the world, hitting a record of £170 million turnover last year, with offices in 104 countries, with their focus on customer service and quality seeing them grow year on year since they were established in 1979.

Reducing project management processes from 7 days to 1

HSSMI is a sustainable manufacturing innovation consultancy, providing expert advice to help manufacturers scale up, increase productivity and transition to circular economy practices.

Bridon Bekaert
Maximising field workforce productivity through a mobile CRM platform

Bridon is a global technology leader in the manufacture of wire and fibre rope solutions for the world's most demanding applications. Operating across eleven manufacturing units worldwide, Bridon products are used across construction, mining, oil & gas extraction, telecommunications and other specialised areas of engineering.

Simon Lennon, ADM

Audacia created a commodities trading platform that meets our immediate needs today and has the capability to scale in line with our future business plans. We continue to work collaboratively together to further optimise a number of business functions through automation.

- Simon Lennon, ADM

Our latest insights in delivering large-scale software development projects

Insights on the latest industry developments and technology advancements within software development.

Accessibility: Making UX the Core of Software Development
Accessibility: Making UX the Core of Software Development

For many organisations, accessibility has historically been an afterthought in software development projects. However, as digital experiences become increasingly central across industries, creating inclusive products is no longer just ideal - it's imperative.

Audacia and Northern launch new AI WhatsApp chatbot for enhanced customer service
Audacia and Northern launch new AI WhatsApp chatbot for enhanced customer service

Software development company, Audacia, has partnered with Northern, one of the UK's largest rail operators, to launch an innovative new AI-powered chatbot on WhatsApp

The impact of AI on enterprise software development
The impact of AI on enterprise software development

This article discusses how software development teams are using AI to accelerate delivery, outlining three key areas to consider when using AI in development teams.

The 6 hidden costs of legacy systems
The 6 hidden costs of legacy systems

Here we explore the disadvantages of legacy IT systems in more detail and evaluate their impact on business initiatives.

A platform to manage people across the biggest offshore windfarms in the world
About this video

Specialist Marine Consultants (SMC) are a global leader in offshore solutions. SMC work with the biggest global companies involved in oil and gas exploration and offshore renewable energy, having deployed their skilled HSEQ Advisors on international marine projects across every continent and ocean.

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Tom Broadbent AESSEAL plc

The way that we work is that we are subject matter experts, we know our business, we know our customers, we can then have that conversation with the team at Audacia. It is very much a collaborative 2 way process and the level of communication is just fantastic.

Tom Broadbent, AESSEAL plc