Investing in Customised Technology Projects within Construction

This eBook has been created to help decision makers in the construction industry navigate the journey to reaping the benefits from technology enabled processes.


The construction industry faces opportunity and challenge in equal measure. An 85% increase in construction projects by 2030 offers construction businesses an incredible chance to grow. Yet, a shortage of skilled workers and low rate of productivity makes it difficult for organisations to rise to the challenge. The solution is technology, with McKinsey & Company predicting that introducing modern technology to construction could improve productivity by 14-15% and generate savings of 4-5%. Adopting new technology could not come at a better time for construction businesses as projects continue to become more complex and expensive, placing managers under greater pressure to improve efficiency, reduce timelines and do more for less.

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Learn about:

  1. Five signs it's time to review business systems
  2. How technology can solve common construction problems
  3. Three times technology solved common construction problems
  4. How to evaluate suppliers for digital construction projects
  5. How to scope requirements for digital construction projects
  6. When to prioritise technology investments in construction
  7. How to get company-wide buy-in for new technology projects
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Whats Inside The Book

Information, advice and practical tools to help you identify when it's time to upgrade your technology, common industry problems that can be solved through digital applications, as well as guidance on how to evaluate a supplier, scope a project and get company-wide buy in for technological change.

About the author


Philip Rashleigh is Technical Director at Audacia and is responsible for the overall technical strategy and infrastructure, deciding the most appropriate tools and technologies for mission-critical software projects. Alongside this, Phil is also responsible for developer recruitment, infrastructure and information security. Phil is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer and prior to joining Audacia, held technical roles at HSBC and Barclays.

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