Delivering a platform for 5,000+ employees to communicate throughout remote working

Delivering a platform for 5,000+ employees to communicate throughout remote working


Persimmon Homes is one of the UK’s most successful house builders, building over 16,000 beautifully-designed new homes a year in more than 380 prime locations nationwide, with a commitment to the highest standards of design, construction and service. Made up of a network of 31 regional operating businesses, Persimmon Homes has nationwide coverage, building places to call home across the UK; from Scotland, right the way through to the South West of England.


As Persimmon continued to expand their workforce, the company required a piece of software that would help them to communicate internally with employees, particularly within the pandemic with the shift to remote working. A system that could distribute content to this 5,000+ employees spread across multiple countries and sites would ensure visibility at a company-wide level and further support company culture. In their search for a software development company who could support this project, Persimmon chose Audacia because of our experience in delivering functional and secure development projects. 


Audacia formed a highly collaborative partnership with Persimmon to develop a robust internal communication platform, integrated with their existing HR system. A prototype was developed for key stakeholders to provide feedback, and an iterative, user-driven design process was followed to create the system. The platform features a content management portal that enables teams to create content in draft form, assign tags for better searchability, and add files and media content. Content can be segmented at a corporate, regional, or service level, and external partners can review and publish content. Offering secure and granular permissions was essential for allowing different staff in the company to post content while also guaranteeing a thorough review procedure.


Persimmon's internal communication platform ensures visibility of company activity for all employees, wherever they are working. Compatible across web as well as Android and iOS apps, the platform allows employees to read articles and participate in polls on different devices. As a space for polling and feedback, the portal works in tandem with Persimmon's Employee Engagement Panel, which was established to gather feedback from employees across the organisation and coordinate the communication of information. The platform, overall, supports the company's plans for enhanced internal communications and future business growth.

Increased visibility of company activity across a distributed workforce
Improved communication in real-time between company and employees, including company news updates.
Polling feature generates feedback quickly for business improvements