Business Systems Diagnostic

Business Systems Diagnostic

Adam Stirk

18 February 2022 - 1 min read

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Business Systems Diagnostic

Most businesses were experiencing difficulties with inefficient systems years or even decades ago – and most still are today.

Technological progress is commercial progress and as new technologies come to market and businesses and their customers evolve, outdated, inflexible software platforms can significantly impact business growth and performance across departments and functions.

As painful as these systems can be, it is often daunting to replace them. Questions arise, pertaining to downtime minimisation's, how to execute improvements without losing data, cost, risk of failure or system breakdown, appropriate resourcing and the general scale and complexity of an upgrade project.

However, digital projects do not require a root and branch restructuring of your technology infrastructure that causes widespread implications and business interruptions. Instead these projects should be perceived as a constant, measured approach to technological improvement.

There are many variables when considering changes to your existing systems and processes. To help you think through some of these challenges, we have created a simple business and systems diagnostic tool covering key business areas.

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Adam Stirk is Audacia's Operations Director and is responsible for all of the company's development teams, as well as the operational delivery of all ongoing and supported projects.