AI Research & Prototyping

Validating AI concepts through research, prototyping and experimentation to de-risk development and drive informed decision making.

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Delivering AI solutions from initial research, through to prototyping, validating ideas and accelerating time-to-value.

From image classification prototypes to identify stock for a leading supermarket product retailer, to proof of concepts for predictive maintenance for a global industrial manufacturer. We provide end-to-end AI research and prototyping services to help organisations validate ideas and make informed decisions on AI investments.

With extensive research expertise across industries, we evaluate use cases, data readiness and requirements to determine where AI can solve problems, whilst assessing performance, value and feasibility.

Delivering full lifecycle AI prototyping services - from research and analysis to prototype building, user testing and reporting.

We begin every engagement by gaining a thorough understanding of your needs and objectives. Our analysts evaluate use cases, data quality and project feasibility to determine where AI aligns to both short and long term goals. Working closely with stakeholders, we rapidly build prototypes to validate assumptions, refine requirements and identify any gaps or challenges.

We leverage leading AI cloud services like Azure Machine Learning and AWS Bedrock to accelerate prototyping across use cases. With pre-built models, APIs and infrastructure, AI cloud services enable rapid prototyping to validate concepts within days to weeks, for use cases such as sentiment analysis, image detection and anomaly detection.

With user feedback and benchmarking, we deliver actionable reports outlining benefits, limitations, lessons learned and recommendations on next steps. Enabling organisations to make informed, de-risked decisions on investing in AI and machine learning to solve problems and deliver new opportunities.

We rapidly build prototypes across a variety AI domains and capability areas that solve high-value business problems. Including computer vision models for areas like image recognition and video analytics, natural language processing for use cases like chatbots and text analytics, predictive modelling for forecasting and recommendations, as well as planning and scheduling optimisation and anomaly detection algorithms.

By prototyping across capability spaces, we provide the coverage needed to validate AI applicability for the diverse challenges and potential opportunities across organisations.

£3.1 billion

Commodity contracts and services supported for one of the world's largest agricultural organisations

£317 million

Funding allocation managed each year for the nation’s largest funder of health and care research

2.5 million

Pupils tracked across 12,000 UK wide schools

£170 million

Annual sales supported through a knowledge management platform for a global manufacturer

Delivering AI prototypes across a variety AI domains and capability areas

Delivering AI prototypes for everything from chatbots for improved customer services, to solutions to optimise planning across factory floors.

Natural Language Processing

Creating chatbots, virtual assistants, IoT experiences and other AI services for improved communication.

Planning Optimisation

Leveraging combinatorial optimisation models to solve problems from task scheduling to capacity planning.

Predictive Analysis

Training machine learning models for predictive analysis across a range of use cases, products and environments.

Using the latest industry standard AI and machine learning tools and technologies

From cloud services including Azure Cognitive Services and Applied AI Services to machine learning frameworks including ML.NET, PyTorch and TensorFlow.

Delivering AI research & prototyping projects to organisations across industries

From manufacturing and healthcare, to rail, retail and energy.

A WhatsApp travel chatbot for live train information across 2,500 stations

Northern Trains is a train operating company that provides services across the North of England. With over 500 calling stations, the company connects major cities like Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle. The company plays a crucial role in facilitating transportation and commuting for thousands of passengers every day.

Food Manufacturer
AI image recognition to identify products within supermarkets

A UK-based large food manufacturer, established for over 100 years, providing products as part of a healthy, balanced diet, through a range of products to suit all meal occasions, lifestyles and tastes.

Global medical device company
Machine learning for predictive planning optimisation

A global leading provider of infection prevention and other procedural products and services, focused primarily on healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical device customers, with more than 17,000 associates worldwide.

Nationwide Energy Provider
ML models to detect inaccurate or overestimated energy bills

A nationwide energy provider who specialises in supplying energy to a wide range of businesses with a UK-based team, from SMEs through to large national chains, knowing what energy challenges businesses face and how to support them.

SaaS No Code Platform
An AI onboarding assistant to build custom applications

A no-code work management platform that enables anyone to replace spreadsheets with custom applications to track and manage work. From marketing professionals, to sales teams, HR managers and agencies of all kinds, empowering people across all industries to innovate by developing the software that they need.

Sarah Thorp, The National Institute of Health Research (NIHR)

From start to finish the working relationship between Audacia’s team and ours was productive from the iterative development approach, meaning we worked in shorter time frames but increased levels of communication to ensure all updates were reviewed quicker. Audacia’s end platform delivered on all aspects.

- Sarah Thorp, The National Institute of Health Research (NIHR)

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Audacia and Northern launch new AI WhatsApp chatbot for enhanced customer service
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Software development company, Audacia, has partnered with Northern, one of the UK's largest rail operators, to launch an innovative new AI-powered chatbot on WhatsApp

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Tom Broadbent AESSEAL plc

The way that we work is that we are subject matter experts, we know our business, we know our customers, we can then have that conversation with the team at Audacia. It is very much a collaborative 2 way process and the level of communication is just fantastic.

Tom Broadbent, AESSEAL plc