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Delivering clear, technical roadmaps and proof of concepts to support decision making around business critical processes.

National Institute for Health Research
British Gypsum
Police and Crime Commissioner
Audacia delivered systems
Specialist Marine Consultants (SMC)

Transfers managed across wind farms for an award winning offshore solutions provider

Aptus Utilities
£2.5 million

Worth of stock managed for one of the UK’s leading multi utility providers


Items of stock managed across 4 countries for a global leader in IT refurbishment

What we offer

Proof of Concepts

We develop non-functional, or limited functionality, effective proof-of-concept software models for organisations looking to secure funding or board level approval. Used to validate your initial vision of a software product or development project, these prototypes have multiple benefits. From ensuring the feasibility of high risk technical features (such as integrating with undocumented 3rd party APIs), providing a visual demonstration of your product's workflows, generating early user feedback and providing supporting material for process analysis around complex product features.

Data Analysis & Learning

As process automation becomes ubiquitous, larger quantities of data are being captured digitally. We can help you plan and deliver strategies for data cleansing, transformation, consolidation and warehousing, allowing you to monitor key metrics, develop dynamic reports and react to trends and movement in your underlying business data. Beyond basic statistical techniques for analysing data, we work on innovative projects for data analysis, including the implementation of machine learning techniques for anomaly detection.

Agile Adoption

Working as software consultants or alongside software teams, we analyse current processes and operations for opportunities and vulnerabilities. We propose and implement appropriate agile methods to increase efficiency, ensure teams are more transparent and that software can rapidly respond to changes and feedback. When implemented correctly, agile methods can significantly reduce project risk by focusing on early deliveries and continuous feedback loops. At Audacia we have successfully implemented various agile approaches and frameworks (i.e. Scrum, Kanban) across multiple sectors and team configurations.

Software Architecture

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have extensive experience in software consulting, working on multiple large-scale enterprise software projects, across a variety of industries. By accessing the shared knowledge and experience of our teams, we can review, define and, where necessary, refactor your core platform architecture. From selecting the best client side frameworks, to deciding if you're ready for .NET Core, we ensure your software is fit for purpose and has the ability to also scale and adapt to support future growth and change in business direction.

Legacy Migration

When legacy systems no longer support your future growth, our software consultants research options and formulate a comprehensive strategy for transitioning to a new software infrastructure. We gain a clear understanding of your current needs and future goals to propose options across bespoke, off-the-shelf and blended/integrated solutions, including the management of legacy data transformation and migration. Our work covers a range of instances, from multiple instances of VB/Access systems across disparate geographic locations, to software products that have reached end-of-life.

Technology Integration

By reviewing your processes and software infrastructure, we determine the most efficient way to automate communication between multiple systems. We increase operational efficiency by removing double entry of data and reduce risk by ensuring synchronisation of process and data across multiple platforms. Every approach to integration is different, requiring consideration of factors including: 3rd party system interfaces, latency of data (i.e. real-time vs batch processing), support for validation, handling of errors/transaction rollbacks and performance monitoring. Understanding your unique requirements, we can propose and implement the most suitable solution.

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They are a key business partner because of their high-quality work and its impact on our business. Our organisation believes that quality is key, and we’ve found that Audacia buys 100% into that. They always try to meet our requirements, no matter how challenging.

- George Thomson, Story Homes

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