Cloud Adoption & Migration

Delivering seamless migration of systems and data to cloud platforms, unlocking performance, resilience and scale.

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Migrating systems and data to optimal cloud infrastructures to enhance accessibility, performance and innovation.

We provide end-to-end cloud migration services to successfully transition software platforms to optimal cloud infrastructures.

Whether migrating from on-premises or third-party hosted environments, we ensure seamless migration to cloud platforms with minimal disruption to operations. With extensive expertise across public and hybrid cloud platforms, we implement proven methodologies focused on risk mitigation and accelerated outcomes.

Delivering full lifecycle cloud migration - from assessments and planning to execution, optimisation and support.

We begin every migration project by assessing your existing infrastructure, dependencies, data flows and constraints. Working closely with your teams, we develop a tailored cloud adoption strategy focused on your current and future objectives.

We utilise agile delivery approaches to provide transparency and flexibility when executing cloud migration projects. Following best practices for risk mitigation, we validate migrated systems and data to ensure continuity of operations throughout transition.

Post-migration, we'll optimise migrated workloads leveraging cloud-native features to enhance performance, resilience and scale. With ongoing support, we ensure you remain equipped to maximise the value of your cloud investment.

Overall delivering future-proofed systems with the power of cloud to drive availability, productivity and innovation, whilst reducing total cost of ownership.

£3.1 billion

Commodity contracts and services supported for one of the world's largest agricultural organisations

£317 million

Funding allocation managed each year for the nation’s largest funder of health and care research

2.5 million

Pupils tracked across 12,000 UK wide schools

£170 million

Annual sales supported through a knowledge management platform for a global manufacturer

Migrating business critical systems to optimal cloud infrastructures

Delivering seamless migration and adoption outcomes across private, public and hybrid cloud environments.

Cloud Migration Planning

Defining cloud migration roadmaps, architecture and execution plans tailored to unique objectives.

Cloud Migration Delivery

Migrating infrastructure, systems, data and services to target cloud platforms.

Cloud Hosting & Support

Managing and enhancing solutions through automation, monitoring, cost optimisation and governance.

Using industry standard services, tools and technologies

Delivering successful migrations across Azure, AWS and Google Cloud.

Delivering cloud solutions for organisations across industries

From agriculture, hardware and automotive, to insurance, renewables and manufacturing.

Centralising distributed brands through cloud data integration

The 2M Group of Companies focuses on delivering high-quality chemistry-based solutions that make lives healthier today and better tomorrow. The group maintains a portfolio of material & life science companies, which includes CE-02, Banner Chemicals, Ingretech, MP Storage & Blending, Packed Chlorine, SampleRite, Stowlin & Surfachem.     

Development & integration to support 100,000+ product sales globally with 100% uptime

Techbuyer is a global leader in the buying, refurbishing and selling of data centre equipment. Founded in 2005, Techbuyer has worked with thousands of private and public sector organisations across 83 countries worldwide.

ASSEAL - Product Data Centralisation
Unlocking analytics by centralising product data across international sites

AESSEAL is the fourth largest mechanical seal manufacturer in the world, hitting a record of £170 million turnover last year, with offices in 104 countries, with their focus on customer service and quality seeing them grow year on year since they were established in 1979.

A WhatsApp travel chatbot for live train information across 2,500 stations

Northern Trains is a train operating company that provides services across the North of England. With over 500 calling stations, the company connects major cities like Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle. The company plays a crucial role in facilitating transportation and commuting for thousands of passengers every day.

Sarah Thorp, The National Institute of Health Research (NIHR)

From start to finish the working relationship between Audacia’s team and ours was productive from the iterative development approach, meaning we worked in shorter time frames but increased levels of communication to ensure all updates were reviewed quicker. Audacia’s end platform delivered on all aspects.

- Sarah Thorp, The National Institute of Health Research (NIHR)

Our latest insights in delivering cloud services

Insights on the latest industry developments and technology advancements within cloud.

Digital Transformation: The Impact of Cloud Native Technologies & Microservices
Digital Transformation: The Impact of Cloud Native Technologies & Microservices

Cloud-native technologies, coupled with microservices architecture, have become the cornerstone of modern application development. Here we explore the relationship between cloud-native technologies and microservices architecture and their role in the development of robust, scalable cloud applications.

Cloud migration: 3 approaches to consider
Cloud migration: 3 approaches to consider

This article looks at three popular approaches to cloud migration, with each approach is showcasing a relevant case study of how an organisations have benefitted from this migration process.

An introduction to Azure OpenAI Service: Benefits, use cases and best practices
An introduction to Azure OpenAI Service: Benefits, use cases and best practices

Azure OpenAI Service offers a wide range of models with different capabilities and price points, including the latest GPT-4 models currently in preview. Here we look at how Azure OpenAI Service works in more detail and evaluate the benefits, use cases and best practices

Audacia and Northern launch new AI WhatsApp chatbot for enhanced customer service
Audacia and Northern launch new AI WhatsApp chatbot for enhanced customer service

Software development company, Audacia, has partnered with Northern, one of the UK's largest rail operators, to launch an innovative new AI-powered chatbot on WhatsApp

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Rich Kenny Techbuyer

There’s no question they were the best choice to work with. One of our key factors was availability. Since we moved to them, the site has had zero downtime. In the last month, we haven’t had even a second of unplanned maintenance. That’s exactly the reliability and sustainability we wanted.

Rich Kenny, Techbuyer