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National Institute for Health Research
British Gypsum
Police and Crime Commissioner
Audacia delivered systems
Specialist Marine Consultants (SMC)

Transfers managed across wind farms for an award winning offshore solutions provider

Aptus Utilities
£2.5 million

Worth of stock managed for one of the UK’s leading multi utility providers


Items of stock managed across 4 countries for a global leader in IT refurbishment

What we offer

A trusted and experienced team

We are a bespoke software development partner with a proven track record in business-critical technology projects. We’re a Microsoft Gold Partner for application development, made up of dedicated teams of analysts, developers and testers, based in the UK. Trusted by industry leaders, we use the latest tools, technologies and platforms to build integral, scalable bespoke software solutions that simplify complexity and support growth. From commodities trading platforms for one of the largest agricultural companies in the world, to systems to manage people across one of the biggest wind farms in the world.

A collaborative approach

We place a strong focus on collaboration from the offset and throughout the bespoke software development project process. We act as an extension of your organisation, sharing your vision and learning your business in depth in order to deliver valuable and future proof solutions. Prior to commencing custom software development projects, we work with your project leads and stakeholders to gain a thorough understanding of business processes, workflows and operations. This enables our full participation in defining your project’s requirements. Ensuring that each piece of functionality is clearly aligned with your business’ objectives. This collaborative approach continues throughout the project, with our teams maintaining constant communication to gain clarity of new and existing requirements.

Transparent working practices

Our second core value lies in transparency. As we understand that in the majority of our bespoke software development projects, we are managing business-critical processes and data. In being a transparent partner, we allow you full visibility across projects, enabling you to choose the level of engagement most suited to your circumstance. From participating in planning sessions, to reviewing feature backlogs and test results. We utilise standard platforms such as Azure DevOps, enabling you to track development progress, clarify your requirements and suggest changes and additions to your custom software development project.

Agile working

We deliver high quality bespoke software development projects using an agile approach, giving you the flexibility and visibility needed for an effective outcome. Specifically we use the agile framework Scrum. In adopting an agile approach, we believe that the key to a successful custom software project is the acceptance that change will happen as a natural part of the process. Whether this change is driven by feedback from a product prototype, a change in internal business processes, or simply a change in the marketplace – the use of an agile development process allows us to plan for these changes and adapt as required. Resulting in a valuable, future proof software application that can scale in line with your business.

Onshore delivery

We deliver all bespoke software development projects here in the UK, servicing industry leaders working across a broad range of industries. From manufacturing and construction, to agriculture and healthcare. We believe there is benefit in having an onshore bespoke software development partner, as working on the same timescales provides us with a strong framework to handle the adaptive nature of agile software projects. Giving us the ability to ensure all key project members can easily communicate and collaborate with each other. All of our analysts, developers and testers are based in either our Leeds or London offices.

Tailored client support

We provide high-level support through your bespoke software development project. Beginning at the offset of the process, we work with you to define documentation, training and deployment strategies, including stage roll-outs prior to release. As well as this, we provide ongoing support post release, delivered within support agreements that are tailored to your unique requirements. Ensuring that your software application remains scalable and future-proof, in line with your business’ current and future needs.

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