News: Upgrading Platforms for Software Development Services

News: Upgrading Platforms for Software Development Services

Philip Rashleigh

22 August 2013 - 2 min read

News: Upgrading Platforms for Software Development Services

As a bespoke technology consultancy we are often tasked with re-writing software written by other agencies, some of which are written in technologies that were outdated well over a decade ago.

Being a Microsoft Certified Partner and an active .NET development consultancy, we at Audacia feel it is important to keep up to date with the latest technologies and software that Microsoft provide.

We are currently updating our code base to Visual Studio 2013 and Team Foundation Studio 2013. These are the latest Microsoft software development packages. There are many benefits to the upgrade including:

  • Easier source control – It will be simple to track changes made to the code, revert to previous versions, and track which developer has made changes.
  • Support for new platforms – Visual Studio 2013 supports development for Windows 8.1 mobile devices. This includes mobile phones and tablets.
  • Better support for the latest version of the .NET framework – The latest version of Microsoft’s .NET framework includes many improvements to the security, efficiency and maintainability of the software that uses it.
  • Improved testing – Using Team Foundation Server 2013 we can set up automated builds and testing to ensure our code is constantly being tested for bugs and weaknesses. We can also run tests on environments that more closely resemble the live one.
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Philip Rashleigh served as the Technical Director at Audacia from 2010-2023. During his tenure, he was responsible for the overall technical strategy and infrastructure, deciding the most appropriate tools and technologies for mission-critical software projects. Philip also played a key role in engineer recruitment, as well as overseeing infrastructure and information security.