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Providing end-to-end performance testing using JMeter.

Leveraging JMeter to load test functional behaviour and measure the performance of web applications.

At Audacia, our teams of QA software testers conduct robust load and stress testing leveraging Apache JMeter, the leading open-source performance testing framework. Our JMeter expertise enables us to architect complex test plans that fully validate system performance at any scale.

Web Application Testing

JMeter enables load and performance testing of web applications by simulating hundreds or thousands of concurrent virtual users with configurable behaviours.

API Testing

JMeter assists with load testing APIs by controlling parallel threads, request rates and responses, enabling QA testers to validate API performance under load.

Database Testing

Using JMeter, we apply varying user loads against databases to identify performance bottlenecks and validate maximum capacity.

Mobile Testing

For mobile applications, JMeter enables load testing of back-end services and API calls made by the application to evaluate performance impact.

Delivering test plan building, load test running and load test analysis.

Our QA test teams collaborate with you to understand performance requirements and architect flexible test plans tailored to your systems. We simulate realistic user volumes and behaviours based on your real-world use cases.

Our QA testers seamlessly integrate JMeter into your delivery pipelines, as well as configuring distributed testing for advanced load generation from multiple geographic regions if needed. Overall delivering end-to-end performance testing - from test planning and scripting to execution, monitoring and analysis.

Benefits of JMeter

Configurable Load:

JMeter enables generating any user load needed to fully stress test systems.

Robust Reporting:

JMeter provides insightful reporting into response times, throughput, errors and more under load.


As a Java application, JMeter offers cross-platform load testing without installation complexity.


As an open-source tool, JMeter benefits from plugins that extend functionality.

CLI Control:

JMeter offers command-line control for easy remote load test execution and automation.

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