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Using the latest versions of .NET to build large scale, complex applications for global organisations.

Audacia is a Microsoft Gold certified software development company using the latest versions of .NET to build mission-critical software platforms.

From a commodities trading platform for one of the world’s largest agricultural organisations to applications to manage people across the biggest offshore wind farms around the globe. At Audacia, our skilled and experienced development teams build innovative applications leveraging .NET, the proven open source platform for building robust and scalable solutions.

Web Applications

.NET empowers us to efficiently build secure, high-performance web apps and services using ASP.NET, Blazor, and more that run on Windows, Linux, and the cloud.

Mobile Applications

Using Xamarin or .NET MAUI, we build intuitive native mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows from a single .NET codebase.

APIs and Microservices

.NET enables rapidly building scalable and resilient APIs and microservices using ASP.NET Core and Kubernetes.

Cloud-Native Apps

We leverage .NET with Azure to build enterprise-grade cloud-native apps that leverage serverless, containers, and PaaS resources.

Machine Learning

Using ML.NET, we create custom .NET machine learning models to integrate applications with AI to improve services and gain data analytics.

Team Augmentation

Supplying .NET development experts to augment your internal teams and help deliver projects quickly and with optimal results.

Leveraging the .NET ecosystem to efficiently deliver large-scale, complex software platforms for leading organisations across industries.

As Microsoft Gold Partners with teams of certified .NET developers, Audacia has significant experience in delivering intuitive and powerful .NET solutions to solve complex business challenges where performance and scalability are critical.

Our .NET development teams architect secure, robust and scalable applications following best practices for resilience, speed, and longevity, choosing proven technologies like .NET for its stability.

Benefits of .NET


.NET consistently benchmarks as the fastest major framework.


.NET code runs natively on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Open Source:

.NET is open source and supported by a huge community.


.NET offers expansive capabilities to build applications faster.

Enterprise Trust:

Heavily used across enterprises, .NET is mature and stable.

Cloud Native:

.NET integrates seamlessly with major cloud platforms.

Frequency Asked Questions

What versions of .NET do you support?

We have extensive experience building solutions using the .NET Framework as well as the latest versions of .NET Core, .NET 5, .NET 6 and .NET 7. We can build and deploy applications that run across multiple .NET versions to provide flexibility.

How do you ensure best practices and standards are followed in your .NET code?

We are a Microsoft Gold certified development company, adhering to industry best practices and Microsoft guidelines for .NET development. Our developers are trained to leverage resources like MSDN to ensure we follow recommended coding standards and patterns.

How do you ensure quality in your .NET applications - what testing approaches and tools do you use?

We utilise automated testing tools and frameworks like NUnit, Selenium, and JMeter to thoroughly test .NET applications. We follow best practices like unit testing, integration testing, UI testing, load/stress testing, and more.

How do you handle things like dependency management, build automation, and continuous integration for .NET applications?

We make use of tools like NuGet, MSBuild, and Jenkins to automate dependency management, builds, continuous integration, and delivery for .NET applications, ensuring consistency and quality.

What application architectures do you build with .NET?

Our .NET developers have experience building monolithic, microservices, and serverless architectures.

How do you ensure security is built into your .NET applications?

We utilise practices like threat modelling, input validation, encryption, role-based access control, and authentication/authorization to build secure .NET applications, deploying Azure Front Door which offers platform-level protection against network-level DDoS attacks.

What is your approach for building scalable, high-performance .NET applications?

We leverage techniques like load testing, profiling, caching, CDNs, asynchronous programming, and more to build fast, scalable .NET applications capable of handling high traffic volumes.

How do you support and maintain .NET applications after launch?

We provide ongoing support and maintenance including SLA-backed response times, bug fixing, feature development, performance tuning, and more, becoming a long-term partner to deliver support and enhancements.

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