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Automating security testing with OWASP ZAP.

Providing comprehensive and configurable security testing for large-scale, complex applications.

At Audacia, our QA software testers conduct thorough assessments leveraging OWASP ZAP, the leading open source web application security testing tool, utilising the latest capabilities to deliver rapid and robust security validation.

Web Application Testing

ZAP enables comprehensive security testing of complex web applications and APIs via automated scans, manual testing, and scripted pentesting, validating security posture across environments.

Mobile Application Testing

Using ZAP's REST API and related tools, we security test mobile applications by orchestrating attacks on the supporting services and backends, validating mobile infrastructure security.

API Testing

ZAP assists API security testing through full interception and manipulation of calls between application and API, enabling our QA test engineers to validate the entirety of UI-to-API-and-back flows.

Leveraging OWASP ZAP for flexible, extensible, security testing across modern web applications.

Our QA software testing teams architect flexible test plans tailored to your systems, data sensitivity, and risk tolerance, simulating real-world attacks to provide true validation across applications.

Audacia handles your security testing initiative end-to-end as an integrated team – from planning and exploration to reporting and integration, with our agile pentesting process adapting to evolving priorities throughout project and application lifecycles.

We enable organisations to gain actionable insights into vulnerabilities before attackers do, overall delivering robust, resilient and secure systems.

Benefits of ZAP


ZAP enables fully custom security testing tuned to application specifics.


ZAP provides clear proof and reproduction steps for all discovered vulnerabilities.


As an open source tool, ZAP offers abundant customisation through a large-scale plug-in ecosystem.


Via numerous automation options, ZAP brings security testing to developers and non-specialists.


ZAP scales security validation from start-ups to large-scale enterprises.

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