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Delivering comprehensive API testing using Postman.

Using Postman to deliver APIs that are highly performant and consistently available.

Regression Testing

Postman enables creating automated test suites to validate new code doesn't break existing functionality, with regression test suites running with each build.

Load and Performance Testing

Postman assists with automating load and performance tests by controlling virtual users, request rates, and server responses. Our engineers validate system behaviour under load.

API Testing

Postman makes API testing easy by automating sequences of requests with parameters and verifying responses, validating APIs thoroughly.

End-to-End Testing

Using Postman, we automate end-to-end UI flows that invoke back-end APIs to comprehensively test integrated systems.

Delivering end-to-end API testing integrated with CI/CD pipelines

Our QA teams work to gain an effective understanding of systems, requirements, processes and pipelines to design Postman test suites aligned to application functionality, environments and validation needs. Handling test initiatives from planning, scripting and integrating, to analysing and enhancing automated tests.

Software testers embed test cases into pipelines, configuring them to run automatically at each commit for rapid validation, integrating Postman with monitoring tools to provide full visibility into test effectiveness and coverage. Overall delivering robust and resilient enterprise-grade systems.

Benefits of Postman

Intuitive Interface:

Postman's graphical interface simplifies creating complex automated test scripts.

API Focus:

Postman streamlines automating API tests with dynamic parameters and response validation.


Postman integrates with tools like Jenkins and offers a CLI for flexibility.


Postman Workspaces enable easily sharing and executing test suites across teams.


Postman provides actionable test run history, trends, and performance analytics.

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