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React Native

Building performant, secure, and accessible mobile applications with React and React Native.

Leveraging React and React Native to deliver user-driven, performant and secure applications.

From applications to support millions of pupils across UK schools to mobile apps to track electric car battery life for an industry leader in electric mobility and transport innovation.

At Audacia, our skilled developers have significant experience delivering intuitive applications using React and React Native. We stay at the forefront of emerging best practices to deliver innovative solutions on web and mobile platforms for leading organisations across industries.

Responsive Web Applications

Leveraging React, we build responsive web applications with intuitive interfaces providing speed, scalability and a great user experience. React's component architecture allows us to efficiently create custom web apps tailored to your project’s specific needs.

Mobile Applications

Our React Native developers utilise the strengths of native platforms to build high-quality iOS and Android applications. We create native-feeling mobile apps from one codebase that run smoothly across platforms.

Progressive Web Apps

We use React to develop progressive web apps that quickly load, function offline, and provide app-like interactivity. Our React PWAs take advantage of modern web capabilities for great user experiences.

Full-Stack Web Applications

React combined with Node.js enables us to rapidly build full-stack apps with integrated front-end and back-end systems that are scalable, maintainable and deliver robust functionality.

Partnering with industry leaders to deliver complex, user-driven applications built using React and React Native.

We follow proven development approaches like test-driven development and responsive design to build resilient, high-performing React applications. Our skilled React Native developers build multi-platform apps that retain the native look, feel, and performance users expect.

Audacia provides end-to-end support from concept to launch for React and React Native projects. Our focus on your goals and users ensures we build solutions that deliver maximum value and impact.

Benefits of React and React Native


React's component architecture significantly simplifies reusing code across applications, accelerating development and reducing duplication.

Declarative UI:

React's intuitive declarative UI paradigm enables fast rendering and a streamlined approach to building UIs that is easy to understand and maintain.

High Performance:

React provides major speed and efficiency optimisations out of the box through virtual DOM diffing, incremental rendering and more.

Future Proof:

With Facebook's backing and widespread enterprise usage, React offers stability and longevity as a trusted front-end library.


React can create web, mobile, VR and other applications from one codebase, reducing development costs.


As one of the most widely adopted front-end libraries, React benefits from a wealth of community resources and talent.

Component Architecture:

React's component-based architecture promotes separation of concerns for cleaner, more maintainable code.


React benefits from a robust ecosystem of tools and capabilities like Redux, React Native, and Create React App.


React applications scale excellently across teams and codebases, enabling fast development.


React provides strong accessibility support through attributes like aria roles and semantic HTML.


React enables server-side rendering for better SEO than client-side-only frameworks.


React offers comprehensive official docs and guides to ramp up developers of all skill levels.

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