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Accelerating API Testing with RESTSharp.

Leveraging RESTSharp for comprehensive, scalable API test automation.

At Audacia, our QA test engineers conduct API testing leveraging RESTSharp, the leading open source .NET HTTP client framework, enabling comprehensive API test coverage.

Our experience across languages such as C# allows comprehensive test coverage of diverse HTTP services, creating maintainable, modular automated API checks tailored to modern delivery speed.

Functional Testing

RESTSharp enables functional validation of APIs through automating sequences of calls with dynamic parameters and response verification.

Integration Testing

Using RESTSharp, we security test integration points between services by orchestrating end-to-end workflows while manipulating payloads.

Load and Performance Testing

RESTSharp assists with load and performance testing by controlling users, call rates and responses to accurately determine system limits.

Mocking and Stubbing

With RESTSharp, we simulate services by intercepting calls to provide canned responses, enabling independent testing without availability constraints.

Enabling software development teams to release faster and more frequently

RESTSharp transforms API test automation by providing a natively integrated .NET HTTP client framework for comprehensive request/response validation. By enabling easy interception and manipulation of communications, RESTSharp empowers engineering teams to release with confidence, deploy rapidly and establish resilient microservice architectures.

Our QA software testing teams leverage these capabilities to create tailored tests that replicate workflows between decoupled systems, simulating integrations at scale to surface actionable feedback early.

We collaborate with organisations to understand test requirements and create reliable automated API test suites tailored to delivery lifecycles, with a focus on maximising value and delivering systems capable of continuous delivery at speed.

Benefits of RESTSharp

.NET Support:

As a .NET native framework, RESTSharp enables C# test scripting without needing third-party libraries.


As an open source tool, RESTSharp offers abundant customization opportunities through plugins and extensions.

HTTP Standards:

RESTSharp enables reliable standards-compliant automation of virtually any HTTP API.


RESTSharp scales automated API testing initiatives from small services to complex enterprise systems.


RESTSharp provides first-class support for mocking and stubbing dependencies.

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