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Delivering comprehensive test automation using Selenium.

Leveraging Selenium for automated testing of large-scale, complex software platforms.

At Audacia, our QA test automation engineers accelerate testing leveraging Selenium, the popular open-source test automation framework. Our Selenium expertise across languages like Java, C#, and Python ensures comprehensive test coverage across business-critical software platforms.

Web Application Testing

Selenium enables reliable test automation for complex browser-based applications and platforms due to its flexibility and extensibility, enabling us to automate thorough validation across environments.

API Testing

Selenium assists with API testing integration enabling end-to-end workflow validation from UI through API layers, allowing QA test engineers to seamlessly blend UI and API test automation.

Component Testing

Selenium supports the direct testing of React, Angular, Vue and other UI components in isolation to validate functionality and overall avoid cascading test failures.

Mobile Testing

Using Selenium frameworks like Appium and Selenium4Android, we automate testing of native, hybrid and mobile web applications to validate functionality and UX on real devices.

Delivering automated testing with Selenium.

Our Selenium QA testers collaborate with you to understand test requirements and create reliable automated suites tailored to your systems, browsers, devices and pipelines.

Audacia handles your test automation initiative end-to-end as an integrated partner – from test planning and scripting to execution, integration, analysis and tuning, with an agile delivery approach adapting to evolving requirements.

For our clients, this means gaining a tailored test automation solution that delivers comprehensive validation as code changes, overall delivering optimised, maintainable test code.

Benefits of Selenium


Selenium supports test scripting in Java, C#, Python, and more languages.


As an open-source tool, Selenium benefits from abundant community-built plugins and integrations.


Selenium enables test automation across Windows, Linux, macOS and mobile platforms.


Selenium seamlessly scales automated testing across systems, browsers, devices and environments.


Selenium offers easy integration with CI/CD pipelines, test management tools, reporting tools and more.

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