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SQL Server

Using SQL to deliver large-scale, complex data transformation programmes.

Designing, building and managing SQL database platforms focused on performance, security and accessibility.

From aggregating, consolidating and storing product datasets across international sites for a global manufacturer, to integrating large datasets from disparate systems for a global life sciences organisation. At Audacia, our experienced developers create powerful data-driven applications leveraging SQL Server, Microsoft’s proven enterprise database platform. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we stay current on the latest SQL Server capabilities to deliver modern and robust solutions.

Business Intelligence

We create data visualisations, dashboards, and actionable business intelligence using SQL Server Reporting Services and SQL Server Analysis Services.

Cloud Migration

We help enterprises migrate SQL Server workloads to the Azure cloud seamlessly so you can operate databases efficiently at scale.

On-Premises Applications

For on-premises apps and systems, we leverage SQL Server’s industry-leading performance, security features, and flexibility tailored to your needs.

Data Warehousing

We build enterprise data warehouses with SQL Server and Azure Synapse Analytics to consolidate data for reporting and analysis.

Machine Learning

Using SQL Server Machine Learning Services, we deliver applications with predictive insights and intelligence to optimise operations and improve services.

Delivering large-scale, complex applications using SQL to help leading organisations become data-driven.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner with significant experience in SQL Server, Audacia builds secure, resilient SQL Server applications leveraging proven practices for performance, scalability, and longevity.

Our certified engineers handle complex SQL Server projects end-to-end, from planning through to deployment and support, architecting modern data platforms tailored to your current and future needs.

Benefits of SQL Server


SQL Server consistently benchmarks as the fastest enterprise database.


SQL Server provides robust security features like encryption and role-based access.


SQL Server makes it easy to deliver applications with machine learning and AI capabilities.

Proven at Scale:

Large enterprises trust SQL Server for mission-critical workloads.


SQL Server supports on-premises, hybrid, and cloud environments with a consistent experience.

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