Audacia announces partnership with techUK

Audacia announces partnership with techUK


22 September 2023 - 2 min read

Audacia announces partnership with techUK

Audacia is excited to announce its partnership with techUK, the leading technology trade association in the United Kingdom. This collaboration aims to drive innovation and digital transformation across the UK's public sector, empowering organisations to deliver innovative solutions and exceptional services to the public.

TechUK serves as an important link between the technology industry and the UK government and, today, represents the interests of over 900 member companies. This partnership with techUK will enable Audacia to collaborate with new public sector partners to provide technology services covering engineering, data, AI and cloud services that will directly benefit both public sector organisations and the public alike.

At a time where technological advancements and rising expectations have reshaped the public sector’s role, providing value and expert services continues to be a top priority. The partnership between Audacia and techUK aims to equip public sector organisations with the tools and expertise needed to meet these challenges directly and drive real business value.

With a strong track record of delivering large-scale software solutions to meet business requirements for some of the world’s largest organisations, Audacia has already made a significant impact on public sector organisations through successful projects with Hampshire Police, Yorkshire Sport Foundation and The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

Audacia's extensive experience working on technology projects across various industries, from industrial manufacturing and automotives to agriculture and maritime, further highlights their ability to provide tailored solutions that address the business goals and requirements of each organisation they work with.

The combination of Audacia’s technical ability as a software development company and techUK’s advocacy for technology innovation is set to create a powerful partnership. Speaking on the partnership, Audacia’s Managing Director, Philip White said: “Audacia is excited to be partnering with techUK to drive positive change within the UK public sector. We believe this partnership represents a significant opportunity to make a lasting impact on the way public sector organisations operate and serve the community”.

Audacia is a leading software development company based in the UK and headquartered in Leeds. With a proven track record of delivering expert digital solutions, Audacia is dedicated to helping organisations across industries improve business processes and deliver value.

For further details about the range of services and solutions Audacia offers, please contact us at 0113 543 1300 or

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