Providing a new way to access restorative justice through text, video and voice

Providing a new way to access restorative justice through text, video and voice

Key Technologies
  • HTML 5
  • SQL Server
  • Wowza Streaming Engine


Hampshire Constabulary are one of the biggest forces in the country delivering policing services to the people of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. Hampshire are independently recognised as efficient with innovation in partnership, and technology playing a key part.


Hampshire Police were looking to automate their process of restorative justice in order to provide a more seamless experience, make the process easier to facilitate for both victims and offenders, as well as to cut costs. Due to the complex requirements and the level of security needed for the project, Hampshire OPCC looked to work in partnership with a UK-based bespoke software development company with a proven track record of developing bespoke software solutions that were secure and intuitive.


The innovative and secure online restorative justice and resolution platform was developed to enable victims and offenders to communicate via text, voice or video with each other, in a managed environment. This bespoke software platform provides victims with a new way to access restorative justice, which has previously only been made available through the organisation of face-to-face meetings with offenders.

Hampshire Police software development project screens


Providing a new way to access restorative justice
Robust and secure online platform
Enabling a larger number of cases to be facilitated

The new software platform was developed to significantly improve the restorative justice process, as well as to reduce the costs and the effort required in order to carry out restorative justice initiatives. As a result of the system, it was expected that a larger number of cases would be facilitated through the online system.