Top 5 most read industry articles by IT leaders in 2023

Top 5 most read industry articles by IT leaders in 2023


4 December 2023 - 2 min read

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Top 5 most read industry articles by IT leaders in 2023

As we come to the end of 2023, we round up the most popular articles read by IT directors, CIOs, and other tech leaders on our blog. Reflecting key technology trends and challenges, popular topics include AI and machine learning, sustainability, legacy systems and cloud migration.

An introduction to Azure OpenAI: benefits, use cases and best practices

Senior UI/UX Engineer, Louis, covers everything to get started with Azure OpenAI service, from best practices and benefits, to use cases and key considerations around ethical and legal implications. 

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How organisations are using AI to improve sustainability

Senior Software Engineer, Rhys, explores the role of AI in achieving sustainable operations, focusing on examples across manufacturing, facilities management, transport and agriculture. 

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3 approaches to cloud migration

Technical Director, Richard, assesses three popular approaches to cloud migration - rehost, replatform, rearchitecture - showcasing case studies, benefits and considerations.

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The 6 hidden costs of legacy systems

Head of TechOps and Infrastructure, Mark, discusses the disadvantages of legacy IT systems in detail, covering both the tangible and intangible costs that are negatively impacting organisations.

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An IT Leaders Guide to AI and Machine Learning 

In this extensive, long-form guide, we cut through the complexity and explore everything from the fundamental concepts of AI and machine learning, approaches to implementation, use cases across industries and real-world examples of application across data, vision and language. 

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