Migrating sales and financial data from legacy systems to new ERP platform

Migrating sales and financial data from legacy systems to new ERP platform


Bellway Homes is one of the UK’s most successful house builders. With over 16,000 new homes built annually across 380 locations, Bellway maintains its commitment to high-quality design and service even amid continued expansion.


Bellway sought to migrate enterprise data from multiple legacy systems to a new ERP platform, COINS. This encompassed over 850,000 complex finance and sales data entities.

They required an experienced partner to ensure continuity during the migration by performing data analysis and validation prior to transfers. Bellway partnered with Audacia due to our experience delivering complex data engineering, migration, analytics and reporting projects across industries.


Audacia worked closely with Bellway to develop a tailored data migration process to ensure an optimal transition to the new ERP platform. We collaborated with stakeholders to perform in-depth analysis and profiling of the different legacy data stores. This helped uncover the intricacies around how data was structured across numerous dispersed systems.

We performed analysis, cleansing and validation before migrating the complex datasets. Entity mapping activities also helped match up legacy data fields with the modern data structures in the target ERP platform. We optimised batch data transfer procedures across systems accounting for the large data volumes. Enhanced database indexing accelerated these periodic bulk migrations while maintaining data integrity and continuity during cutover events.


The migration delivered:

  • Transfer of over 850,000 sales and financial entities
  • Validation reports demonstrating data accuracy
  • Risk minimisation during the ERP platform transition
  • Optimised batch transfers reducing downtime
  • Improved resilience and scalability

By leveraging tailored migration process, the project was a successful transition to the new unified platform.