Maximising field workforce productivity through a mobile CRM platform

Maximising field workforce productivity through a mobile CRM platform

Key Technologies
  • Oracle
  • C#
  • Knockout


Bridon is a global technology leader in the manufacture of wire and fibre rope solutions for the world's most demanding applications. Operating across eleven manufacturing units worldwide, with market focused technical and sales offices, supported by a global network of agents and distributors, Bridon products provide solutions to the most arduous and technically demanding challenges, extensively used in construction, mining, oil & gas extraction, telecommunications and other specialised areas of engineering.


Bridon had an existing Oracle based CRM platform, however, the platform did not offer a mobile working function that was accessible offsite. As Bridon looked to streamline their business processes, they looked for an experienced and reliable software development company to develop a bespoke software solution that would enable salespeople to access their CRM platform whilst travelling and working remotely.


Our software development team worked in partnership with Bridon to develop a user-friendly and responsive bespoke web application. The bespoke solution integrates directly with their existing Oracle CRM platform. The extended web application provides field workers with fast and easy, real-time access to CRM data, including customer information, quotes and orders.

Bridon software development project screens


Immediate access to valuable, actionable data
Greater resource planning and scheduling
Maximised field workforce productivity

The new application enables Bridon to maximise workforce productivity, giving sales reps greater, immediate access to valuable, actionable data to maximise their effectiveness, overall contributing to greater revenue. The mobile CRM also gives management functions greater insights into sales activity for efficient resource planning and scheduling.

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