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Deriving value from data through advanced analytics - unlocking patterns and empowering decisions across organisations.

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Analysing large-scale, complex datasets to uncover actionable insights for data-driven transformation.

We deliver end-to-end data analytics services to help organisations make use of datasets across systems and processes - ensuring data informs objectives from daily operations, to strategic planning.

Leveraging leading techniques in statistical, visual and machine learning analysis, we help surface trends, correlations and forecasts from complex disconnected datasets, providing the foundations for data-driven transformation.

Delivering full lifecycle data analytics - from planning through execution, implementation and optimisation.

We initiate engagements by identifying key questions and decisions data should empower across business areas like sales, supply chains, procurement and production, identifying what data you have and what data you need to inform the who, what, when, where and how.

At initial project stages, our data engineers ingest data from various data sources to then store, prepare, cleanse and aggregate datasets to perform advanced analytics. Using modern, sophisticated tools and techniques and approaches to analyse and interpret large scale, complex data sets, we deliver solutions to uncover valuable insights, patterns and trends.

The output - transforming raw data into contextualised information in the form of automated reports, interactive dashboards and predictive analytics engines that are integrated across workflows to empower decision making throughout organisations.

£3.1 billion

Commodity contracts and services supported for one of the world's largest agricultural organisations

£317 million

Funding allocation managed each year for the nation’s largest funder of health and care research

2.5 million

Pupils tracked across 12,000 UK wide schools

£170 million

Annual sales supported through a knowledge management platform for a global manufacturer

Delivering large-scale data analytics projects to empower decision making across organisations

Building powerful data analytics capabilities to transform operations and strategic planning.

Data Warehousing and Data Management

Consolidating of data from various sources to ensure data quality, accessibility, and security for analytics.

Big Data Analytics

Analysing large, complex data sets using advanced techniques to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, and other useful information.

Predictive Analytics

Using machine learning algorithms to forecast future events based on historical data, helping organisations to anticipate outcomes and trends.

Using industry standard tools and technologies

From Snowflake and Databricks, to Spark and Fabric deliver large scale, complex data analytics projects.

Delivering large-scale, complex data analytics projects for organisations across industries

Building powerful data analytics functions that provide the foundations for effective, data-driven decision making.

Centralising distributed brands through cloud data integration

The 2M Group of Companies focuses on delivering high-quality chemistry-based solutions that make lives healthier today and better tomorrow. The group maintains a portfolio of material & life science companies, which includes CE-02, Banner Chemicals, Ingretech, MP Storage & Blending, Packed Chlorine, SampleRite, Stowlin & Surfachem.     

ASSEAL - Product Data Centralisation
Unlocking analytics by centralising product data across international sites

AESSEAL is the fourth largest mechanical seal manufacturer in the world, hitting a record of £170 million turnover last year, with offices in 104 countries, with their focus on customer service and quality seeing them grow year on year since they were established in 1979.

Bellway Homes - Enterprise Data Migration
Migrating sales and financial data from legacy systems to new ERP platform

Bellway Homes is one of the UK’s most successful house builders. With over 16,000 new homes built annually across 380 locations, Bellway maintains its commitment to high-quality design and service even amid continued expansion.

ADM Agriculture
A commodities trading platform to support £3bn contracts and services each year

ADM Agriculture is a UK subsidiary of ADM, one of the world’s largest agricultural processors and food ingredient providers, with more than 31,000 employees, serving customers in 170+ countries.

Tom Broadbent, AESSEAL plc

The way that we work is that we are subject matter experts, we know our business, we know our customers, we can then have that conversation with the team at Audacia. It is very much a collaborative 2 way process and the level of communication is just fantastic.

- Tom Broadbent, AESSEAL plc

Our latest insights in delivering data engineering, migration, analytics and reporting projects

Insights on the latest industry developments and technology advancements within data engineering.

3 Questions for Data Projects: Storage, Pipelines and Visualisations
3 Questions for Data Projects: Storage, Pipelines and Visualisations

Data is at the core of many decisions that organisations make. Good data helps organisations optimise production processes, improve product quality, enhance supply chain management and, ultimately, drive better decision making. We outline three question areas before beginning data projects.

Audacia and Northern launch new AI WhatsApp chatbot for enhanced customer service
Audacia and Northern launch new AI WhatsApp chatbot for enhanced customer service

Software development company, Audacia, has partnered with Northern, one of the UK's largest rail operators, to launch an innovative new AI-powered chatbot on WhatsApp

AI Discovery: 3 Questions for Machine Learning Projects
AI Discovery: 3 Questions for Machine Learning Projects

Organisations have various factors to consider when beginning AI and machine learning projects. Here we cover 3 questions around data types, data outputs and model selection within the discovery phase of machine learning projects.

An introduction to Azure OpenAI Service: Benefits, use cases and best practices
An introduction to Azure OpenAI Service: Benefits, use cases and best practices

Azure OpenAI Service offers a wide range of models with different capabilities and price points, including the latest GPT-4 models currently in preview. Here we look at how Azure OpenAI Service works in more detail and evaluate the benefits, use cases and best practices

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Sarah Thorp The National Institute of Health Research (NIHR)

From start to finish the working relationship between Audacia’s team and ours was productive from the iterative development approach, meaning we worked in shorter time frames but increased levels of communication to ensure all updates were reviewed quicker. Audacia’s end platform delivered on all aspects.

Sarah Thorp, The National Institute of Health Research (NIHR)