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Skilled and experienced teams of software engineers leveraging Angular to build user-focused, performant and scalable applications.

Using Angular to build user-driven, complex single-page applications for leading organisations.

From a global commodities trading platform for one of the largest agricultural organisations in the world, to systems to manage finances for the nation’s largest funder of health and care research. At Audacia, our developers leverage Angular, Google's fully-featured open-source framework, to build scalable and robust enterprise applications.

Responsive Web Apps

Angular powers us to develop responsive web applications with declarative UIs that provide swift performance and effortless scalability. We create custom web apps tailored to your specific use cases.

Progressive Web Applications

Our Angular progress web apps launch fast, function offline, and feel immersive thanks to Angular's capabilities for harnessing modern web features.

Full-Stack Web Applications

Combined with Node.js, Angular allows rapid development of full-stack web systems with integrated front-end apps and back-end services that are scalable, maintainable and deliver advanced functionality.

Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

Leveraging frameworks like Ionic and NativeScript, we build feature-rich hybrid mobile apps with Angular that run seamlessly across iOS, Android and more.

Partnering with leading organisations to deliver large-scale applications that are dynamic, intuitive, robust and secure built using Angular

With teams of skilled and experienced Angular developers, Audacia has expertise in leveraging the latest Angular features to build complex web applications. Our Angular developers stay up-to-date on the newest Angular releases so we can build using the most current, robust framework version.

We follow best practices and proven approaches, such as test-driven development, to ensure applications are extensible, robust, performant and maintainable. With cloud-native development, we architect Angular apps to be highly scalable and resilient on platforms including Azure, AWS and Google Cloud.

The Benefits of Angular

Component Architecture:

Angular's components accelerate development by simplifying code reuse.

Declarative Templates:

Angular's declarative templates are intuitive to build UIs and enable swift rendering.

Ahead-of-Time Compilation:

Angular boosts speed and efficiency through AOT compilation.


With Google's support and widespread enterprise use, Angular is stable and trusted.


Angular enables building for web, mobile, desktop, and native from one codebase.

First-Party Libraries:

Angular offers many pre-built libraries for routing, HTTP, forms, etc.

Frequency Asked Questions

What versions of Angular do you work with?

We have extensive experience building applications with modern Angular versions. Our team regularly upgrades apps between versions and maintains multiple concurrent versions.

How do you ensure Angular apps have good performance?

We utilise techniques like Ahead-of-Time compilation, lazy loading, tree shaking, and route preloading to optimise Angular application load times and performance.

What is your approach to state management in Angular?

We leverage state management libraries like NgRx Store as well as RxJS to manage application state and data flow, helping to build robust UIs.

How do you handle routing and navigation in complex Angular applications?

Our developers have expertise with Angular routing and navigation for complex UIs, leveraging features such as route guards, nested routes, lazy loading, and more.

What is your experience with integrating Angular front-end apps with back-ends like .NET or Node.js?

We have extensive experience seamlessly integrating Angular frontends with various back-ends via APIs, including .NET, Node.js, Java and more.

How do you implement security best practices for Angular apps?

Security is always a top priority. We implement measures like CORS, CSRF tokens, HTTPS, input validation, authentication, and authorisation to deliver secure Angular applications.

What testing approaches and tools do you use for Angular code?

We leverage Cypress, Selenium, Postman, Browserstack, OWASP Zap, and other tools and frameworks to thoroughly unit test and provide end-to-end testing of Angular applications.

Do you use UI libraries in Angular projects?

Yes, we have experience utilising UI libraries like Angular Material, Bootstrap, and PrimeNG to build responsive and user-friendly Angular applications.

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