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.NET specialists using C# to deliver complex, scalable, robust and secure software platforms.

Audacia is a Microsoft certified .NET development company using C# to deliver complex and scalable mission-critical software platforms.

From business-critical applications for a global manufacturer, to platforms to manage people across the biggest offshore windfarms in the world, and systems to manage finances for the nation's largest funder of health and care research. At Audacia, our experienced .NET developers build powerful applications leveraging C#, the versatile and robust programming language that powers the .NET ecosystem.

Web Applications

C# enables us to efficiently build secure, robust web applications with intuitive UIs that provide speed, scalability and excellent user experiences, tailored to your project requirements.

Mobile Apps

Using Xamarin, we build feature-rich mobile applications with C# that run seamlessly across iOS, Android and more, retaining the native look and feel users want and expect.

Web APIs

C# combined with ASP.NET Core enables us to rapidly develop scalable REST APIs and web services that integrate effectively across platforms.

Cloud Services

We leverage C# and .NET to build highly scalable cloud applications and services using Azure, AWS, and other cloud platforms.

Machine Learning

Using ML.NET, we create custom machine learning models in C# to bring AI capabilities into your apps and processes.

Console Apps

For tasks like data processing, analytics, system administration and more, C#'s console app capabilities enable us to build efficient command-line tools.

Building large-scale, complex back-ends, enterprise systems and embedded applications for global organisations using C# and the .NET framework

With certified .NET developers, Audacia adopts new C# capabilities early to build cutting-edge solutions. Following proven approaches like test-driven development, we ensure C# applications are robust and high-performing.

For C# projects, Audacia provides complete support from planning to launch and beyond. Our focus on your goals and users results in solutions that deliver maximum value.

Benefits of C#

Object-Oriented: C#'s object-oriented nature makes it intuitive for representing real-world entities.

Versatility: C# can create web, desktop, mobile, games, VR apps and more using .NET.

Performance: C# provides major speed/efficiency optimisations through the .NET runtime.

Enterprise-Ready: With Microsoft's backing and widespread enterprise use, C# offers longevity.

Portability: C# apps and libraries compile to intermediate code that runs on any .NET implementation.

Scalability: C# applications scale excellently across teams and codebases enabling faster development.

Interoperability: C# seamlessly interacts with code written in virtually any other .NET language.

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