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Delivering comprehensive, rapid and reliable automated software testing using Cypress.

Using Cypress to deliver fast, reliable and secure software testing.

At Audacia, our teams of skilled and experienced QA engineers perform robust enterprise software testing leveraging Cypress, the powerful end-to-end test automation framework.

Web Application Testing

Cypress enables reliable automated cross-browser testing of complex web applications thanks to its resilience and debugging capabilities, enabling us to test web applications thoroughly across environments.

Mobile Application Testing

Using Cypress, we automate testing of web views within native mobile apps to validate functionality and UX on iOS and Android devices.

API Testing

Cypress assists with comprehensive API test automation through its ability to stub responses, spy on calls, set aliases and more, enabling QA engineers to validate APIs efficiently.

Component Testing

Isolated component tests validate UI elements function as expected, with Cypress mounting React, Vue and other components directly for targeted test automation.

Integration Testing

Our engineers utilise Cypress for integration testing to validate application modules and verify inter-system communications function correctly.

Adopting an automation first approach to testing across development projects, increasing speed of delivery whilst improving feedback cycles.

Our QA testers architect testing frameworks tailored to your applications and environments, following coding best practices focused on maintainability and performance. Integrating Cypress into your CI/CD pipelines for continuous automated validation, and leveraging tools such as Cypress Dashboard and Cypress Cloud to optimise test runs, debugging and analytics.

Cypress enables reliable end-to-end test automation that simulates real user behaviour by interacting directly with your application. This level of control ensures comprehensive coverage of complex use cases and flows across your application's UI and network.

Benefits of Cypress


Cypress tests web applications end-to-end from UI to network.


Cypress reliably interacts with apps like a real user.

Fast Execution:

Cypress tests execute rapidly, directly in the browser.


Cypress enables direct debugging of tests in application code.

Automatic Waiting:

Cypress automatically handles waiting for responses and UI changes.

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