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Developing large scale, user-focused web applications using Vue.js.

Using Vue to develop large-scale, user focused web applications that are intuitive, robust, performant and secure.

From 3D modelling applications for a nationwide homebuilder, to tablet-based apps used across UK wide sites for a leading multi-utility provider. At Audacia, we specialise in building user-driven, robust and scalable web applications using Vue.js, the flexible open-source JavaScript framework.

Single-Page Applications

Vue enables us to efficiently develop complex, data-driven single page applications with Vue Router for intuitive navigation.

Progressive Web Applications

We use Vue to create progressive web apps that launch quickly, work offline, and deliver intuitive user experiences through modern web capabilities.

Full-Stack Apps

Combined with Node.js, Vue allows us to rapidly build full-stack applications with integrated Vue front-ends and Node.js back-ends that are scalable and maintainable.

Mobile Apps

Using frameworks like Quasar, we build high-performance hybrid mobile apps with Vue that run seamlessly across iOS, Android and more.

Static Sites

For rapid static sites, we leverage Vue with static site generators like Gridsome to pre-render sites as static HTML.

Delivering intuitive and responsive web applications that provide exceptional user experiences across devices for industry leaders.

Audacia has significant expertise in leveraging Vue.js to build complex, user-driven software applications. Our Vue.js developers stay immersed in the evolving ecosystem and best practices to build innovative, robust and fit-for-purpose applications.

We follow proven approaches like component-driven development, test-driven practices, and responsive design to ensure applications are extensible, resilient across platforms, and user-focused. With our significant expertise in the cloud, we can deploy Vue.js apps to be robust and auto-scalable using Azure and AWS cloud platform technologies.

The Benefits of Vue.js


Vue.js' virtual DOM and optimised re-rendering makes it one of the fastest frameworks available for intuitive and responsive UIs.


Unlike some frameworks, Vue.js has a small footprint and takes minutes to get running, making applications built with Vue have low overhead.


Vue.js scales excellently, allowing resource-efficient development of apps from simple to ultra-complex, adapting to handle high traffic and data needs.


Vue.js strikes a great balance, providing enough structure while staying flexible and modular as well as integrating well with other libraries.

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