What the manufacturing industry can gain from digital transformation

What the manufacturing industry can gain from digital transformation

Jack Gill

1 June 2022 - 4 min read

Digital Transformation
What the manufacturing industry can gain from digital transformation

Research from IBM and The Manufacturer shows that 67% of manufacturers have pushed digital projects forward since the COVID-19 pandemic. Digital transformation initiatives include improving operational resilience (88%), supply chain integrity (75%) and operational efficiency (65%). Given these priorities, it seems logical that firms are looking to digital technologies to improve their operations. 

Technology can play a key role in increasing the visibility of data and generating business value in the future. Today, over 90% of manufacturing leaders believe that digital transformation is critical to their success.

These potential benefits have inspired transformations in global manufacturing organisations. For example, car manufacturer Volkswagen launched their digital transformation roadmap in August 2021. This plan aims to increase the productivity and efficiency of its supply chains across the US and Mexico. With the help of software, artificial intelligence and robotics, Volkswagen aims for a 30% increase in productivity by 2025

Here are two further case studies that show the benefits of digital transformation in the manufacturing industry. These global manufacturing companies have leveraged digital solutions in their efforts to improve their operations. 


German car manufacturer Porsche has carried out a range of digital transformation projects over the past five years.  

3D printing technology has enabled Porsche to innovate elements of their vehicles like seats and pistons. Using a 3D printer has allowed them to reduce the weight of the pistons by 10%. This technology has led to increased engine performance and an optimised combustion process. In another industry facing pressures to reduce carbon emissions, incremental developments like this offer big environmental benefits. 

The manufacturer has also engaged in a large-scale migration to the cloud to optimise its customer portal ‘My Porsche’. This platform was designed to provide the latest company updates for owners and enthusiasts. Data from the platform has been gradually moved from on-site servers to the cloud. 

By early 2020 the portal had a 75% adoption rate. Additionally, over ¾ of platform data has been optimised for cloud computing benefits. Thanks to the performance of the platform, Porsche can continue to provide global customer satisfaction.


Global seal manufacturer, AESSEAL, underwent a large-scale digital transformation in an effort to replace their existing legacy IT systems. The solution developed was a centralised knowledge management suite. Composed of three key business areas, the suite provides:

  1. A database with information about chemicals, chemical applications, rotational equipment performance metrics, and 3D technical drawings and usage statistics
  2. Application for recording the structural layout of customer assets. Also the installation, inspection, and change management history of AESSEAL's sealing solutions.
  3. A platform that generates complex, bespoke sales quotes for sealing solutions using a virtual product selection tool.

These tools have increased visibility of data, improved speed to release and given the company a significant competitive advantage overall. 

For example, AESSEAL has achieved a 72x faster quotation speed working with the platform’s intuitive interface. This solution has massively improved customer experience. AESSEAL has also continued to improve user experience and simplify system management. All of this has enabled the business to grow and change in a more agile environment. 

The platform continues to be rolled out across the globe and is currently being used across all 8 continents. This rollout allows AESSEAL to maintain excellent and efficient customer service to clients everywhere. Overall, the company is able to respond to customer inquiries better and the resources required have been drastically reduced.

Engineering Digital Success

Individually these digital transformation case studies all offer their own benefits pertaining to efficiency, improved data analysis and engaged customer service. Collectively they demonstrate the manufacturing industries’ commitment to holistic digital transformation and innovative operations.  

Audacia is a leading software development company in the UK, with a long history of delivering technology solutions that have helped industry leaders digitally transform their operations. We can help develop your digital transformation strategy to suit your needs. You can find some of our digital transformation case studies on our projects page. Examples include a project planning tool for two leading manufacturing institutes and a CRM platform for a global wire and fibre rope manufacturer

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