Test Automation Engineers

QA testing large-scale, complex mission-critical software systems as part of fixed project or team augmentation models

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Using the latest tools and technologies to ensure mission-critical software systems are performant, scalable and secure

From delivering a performant and scalable platform which supports over £170 million annual sales for a global manufacturer, to creating a secure and robust commodities trading platform that supports over £3 billion annual contracts and services for one of the world’s largest agricultural organisations.

Our QA teams consist of experienced ISTQB certified QA test automation engineers, with business analysis skills that ensure a strong understanding of complex business logic, collaborating across internal and external teams to deliver high quality software systems.

Increase speed of delivery and improve feedback cycles through our automation first approach

Our QA software testing service adopts an automation first methodology, consisting of a hybrid API and UI automation approach. This enables our engineers to dedicate more time to non-functional testing for performance, accessibility and security.

Our approach includes the full automation of unhappy paths and backend validation, and uses OpenAPI specs to drive test implementation. UI automation ensures that all main system workflows are automated, whilst UI-specific logic is also targeted through automation. All tests run on every merge to the main development branch.

We deliver regular performance testing prior to any release, using load testing to predict scaling system requirements, as well as ongoing accessibility testing, in line with WCAG 2 AA standards. Regular security scans are also executed to identify any vulnerabilities which are subsequently addressed by QA teams.

In order to mitigate risk through system dependencies, Audacia's approach to QA includes a testing process that isolates external systems where necessary, removing dependencies, with tests isolated to services under our control.

£3.1 billion

Commodity contracts and services supported for one of the world's largest agricultural organisations

£317 million

Funding allocation managed each year for the nation’s largest funder of health and care research

2.5 million

Pupils tracked across 12,000 UK wide schools

£170 million

Annual sales supported through a knowledge management platform for a global manufacturer

Jamie Wrenn, Parkdean Resorts

Audacia have rapidly established themselves as a key partner within our Digital Engineering Function, providing much needed expertise and capability to enable our Test Engineering service to exceed expectations. Each and every person who has joined our teams from Audacia have totally immersed themselves, continually collaborating, driving innovation and earning the trust of all the other team members. On top, they are some of the most genuine and nicest people you could possibly wish to work with!

- Jamie Wrenn, Parkdean Resorts

End-to-end QA testing services

Our robust testing approach ensures systems are performant, accessible, scalable and secure.

Test Consultancy & Strategy

QA consultancy and strategy development to assess, establish and optimise testing processes

Performance Testing

To ensure application stability, speed, scalability and responsiveness under workloads

Accessibility Testing

To ensure web and mobile platforms are accessible to as many users as possible

Security Testing

To identify and mitigate vulnerabilities across systems

Leverage industry-standard tools and technologies

From Cypress and Selenium, to Postman and JMeter, we use the latest, industry-standard technologies to ensure systems are accessible, performant, scalable and secure.

QA testing large-scale, complex software platforms across multiple industries

From agriculture, financial services and renewables, to construction, rail and healthcare.

Manufacturing Construction Energy Healthcare
AESSEAL - Knowledge Management
A knowledge management platform to support £170m in sales per year

AESSEAL is the fourth largest mechanical seal manufacturer in the world, hitting a record of £170 million turnover last year, with offices in 104 countries, with their focus on customer service and quality seeing them grow year on year since they were established in 1979.

Reducing project management processes from 7 days to 1

HSSMI is a sustainable manufacturing innovation consultancy, providing expert advice to help manufacturers scale up, increase productivity and transition to circular economy practices.

Bridon Bekaert
Maximising field workforce productivity through a mobile CRM platform

Bridon is a global technology leader in the manufacture of wire and fibre rope solutions for the world's most demanding applications. Operating across eleven manufacturing units worldwide, Bridon products are used across construction, mining, oil & gas extraction, telecommunications and other specialised areas of engineering.

A performant and scalable platform to support £170m+ annual sales across global sites
About this video

With a strong focus on customer service, quality and sustainability, AESSEAL is the fourth largest mechanical seal manufacturer in the world. In partnership with Audacia, AESSEAL created a bespoke knowledge management platform. Made up of a number of applications, the platform supports over £170 million in annual sales.

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Tom Broadbent AESSEAL plc

The way that we work is that we are subject matter experts, we know our business, we know our customers, we can then have that conversation with the team at Audacia. It is very much a collaborative 2 way process and the level of communication is just fantastic.

Tom Broadbent, AESSEAL plc