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Using the latest tools and technologies to ensure business-critical software systems are performant, scalable and secure.

National Institute for Health Research
British Gypsum
Police and Crime Commissioner
Audacia delivered systems
Specialist Marine Consultants (SMC)

Transfers managed across wind farms for an award winning offshore solutions provider

Aptus Utilities
£2.5 million

Worth of stock managed for one of the UK’s leading multi utility providers


Items of stock managed across 4 countries for a global leader in IT refurbishment

What we offer

A flexible approach

All businesses and systems are unique, with clients requiring differing functionality to fit their business processes. Whilst we utilise successful testing standards, our strategies are not based on a one size fits all approach. We work with you to determine the most appropriate testing method to ensure that your system works accordingly and delivers optimum value. With adaptable capacity management, we guarantee testing deliverables throughout every stage of the project.

Integration testing

With software solutions often having a requirement to integrate with 3rd party online service providers, we identify and test these integration requirements by utilising the best available tools and frameworks. This ensures that any information sent, or received, by your system is correct and accurate, guaranteeing that no data is lost between systems.

Robust system infrastructure

We ensure that client systems work both functionally and non-functionally as we know that uptime is critical to any successful system. Utilising the latest performance testing tools and frameworks, we ensure that the system infrastructure can effectively meet your volume, load and scalability requirements.

User experience testing

As well as ensuring that software systems work to client requirements, we test further to ensure that your systems will be fit-for-purpose in operational use cases, carrying out user experience testing to establish whether the system is simple and easy to use, rather than over-engineered.

Test automation

Alongside manual test analysis and execution methods, we utilise the best tooling for your system to ensure key areas are still covered as the system scales, especially when considering larger, complex software systems. Rather than increasing testing resource for a considerable testing requirement, we promote the use of GUI and API automated tests to ensure that testing phases are covered and repeatable at all stages of the testing process.

Security focused testing

With cyber attacks on the increase and regulations such as GDPR taking full effect, it is critical that information within systems is safely secured. In order to ensure systems are secure and robust, we test software to be compliant with OWASP standards, implementing the latest automated security scanning tools.

There’s no question they were the best choice to work with. One of our key factors was availability. Since we moved to them, the site has had zero downtime. In the last month, we haven’t had even a second of unplanned maintenance. That’s exactly the reliability and sustainability we wanted.

- Rich Kenny, Techbuyer

Managing people across the biggest offshore windfarms in the world
Managing people across the biggest offshore windfarms in the world
Specialist Marine Consultants (SMC) are a global leader in offshore solutions. SMC work with the biggest global companies involved in oil and gas exploration and offshore renewable energy, having deployed their skilled HSEQ Advisors on international marine projects across every continent and ocean.
Story Homes
Story Homes
Providing total visibility across UK wide land developments
Story Homes is an award winning UK property developer, with 30 years’ experience creating luxury, aspirational houses for sale throughout Cumbria, the North East, Lancashire and Scotland. Together with customer service, which consistently exceeds expectations,
Persimmon Homes
Persimmon Homes
Delivering a platform for 5,000+ employees to communicate throughout remote working
Building over 13,500 beautifully-designed new homes a year in more than 350 prime locations nationwide, Persimmon is proud to be one of the UK’s most successful housebuilders, committed to the highest standards of design, construction and service.
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